Safety and environmental training at the Outokumpu Tornio site
Welcome to perform Outokumpu Tornio site safety and environmental training test. You must have studied the training material before taking the test. The test contains 25 questions to which you must choose the correct answer from three options. In order to pass the test you must answer at least 22/25 questions correctly. If you do not pass the test, please restudy the training material and try again.*When you complete the test successfully, you will be asked to give your name, date of birth, company name and email address. This information is collected to keep track on who has completed safety training. The training is valid for one (1) year. A valid safety training is one of the requirements for receiving an access pass to our sites.*Outokumpu is committed to keeping personal data confidential and secure, and to processing personal data only in accordance with applicable privacy and data protection laws.*If you have any question regarding data protection at Outokumpu or your personal data, please send email to